Activate Your Faith

All of us hold many fears, and most of them originate in a fear of the unknown. What I’ve learned is to never give up and have perseverance. I encourage myself by saying I’m a child of God and I believe in him, and since He is always with me I shouldn’t fear anything. On our Journey through life we often face resistance. People around us may criticize us or try to bring us down. But if we keep thinking strongly about reaching our goals, no matter what we are faced with, we will create a bright future for ourselves. We have to always be careful of what seeds we sow in our our minds, because they will determine the outcome of our lives. If you find that a negative thought has come into your mind, just replace it with a positive one. No matter how many times we are knocked down, we must never give up, and keep getting back up on your feet. 

-Don Cormier

Focus on being the best you can be. It’s not about comparing yourself to someone else. It’s about progression; it’s about doing the best you can at the time. God Bless and have a wonderful day!


50 thoughts on “Activate Your Faith”

  1. Thanks Don. It means a lot. Positivity is within me. I will unleash it. Sometimes all we need is a push. And you have given me that. Thank you for being inspiration. And for being a friend when I was down.

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  2. Great post with invaluable information that is one of the keys to life. Gotta keep the temple in great shape and following your suggestions is a way to do it. It looks like its gonna be fun tagging along with you and seeing the world through your lens and words.

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      1. Amen to this brother. We see it everyday. The benefits of doing a little everyday pay off big in the days ahead. We see it at the gym all the time. Guys there in their 80’s and above consistently there. You can see the positive effects in their personalities.

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