Appetite Control

Have you ever wondered how your body controls weight? How your body knows when to eat and when to stop eating? What happens inside the body to tell you are hungry or full?
The answer to each of these questions is your appetite control system: a complex set of chemicals among your brain, nervous system, metabolic hormones, special fat cells, and immune system. These chemical interchanges tell you whether or not you need food and compel you to eat. One of the major reasons people gain extra weight is that their appetite control system is out of balance. The chemical interaction among the various systems in the body that tell them when they are hungry have been disrupted . When our stomachs are empty, we have hormones that tell our body and brain we are hungry. Our brain then prepares the stomach to receive something good. When we eat, food enters the stomach and releases more hormones, preparing it for digestion. This process occurs without our awareness. When this process is out of balance, it causes problems on our system. We get hungry after we’ve just eaten, we store fat when we should burn it, our body starts ignoring the normal control signals for appetite, and the result is weight gain and disease.
Our appetite control system has four basic parts. They are:
  • The wiring of your nervous system: The autonomic nervous system or wiring connecting the brain, gut and fat cells
  • Weight control hormones: Metabolic hormones, including the hormones and molecules made by your fat cells
  • Command central messengers: Messenger molecules of the immune system called cytokine, produced in the fat cells with wide-ranging effects

The key to controlling our appetite is learning how to create harmony among all the parts of our metabolism that make up the appetite regulation system. To help us create harmony in our hormones,  we have to turn on genes that make us lose weight, and control our appetite. To keep our appetite in balance , here are some foods that you need to avoid wherever possible.

*Refined vegetable oils
*Artificial sweeteners
*High-fructose corn syrup
*Flour products
*Refined grains
*Junk food
Fast foods
*Processed foods
– Don Cormier
Life is what you make it. You won't progress procrastinating. Your mind always believes what you tell it, so feed it with truth & feed it with love. Shout out to my city Compton, California where great people are birthed despite the image the media tries to display. God Bless!

28 thoughts on “Appetite Control”

  1. Good information. Personally, with a slow metabolism I’ve practiced avoiding everything you list and recently learned using fruit concentrates instead of sugars, honey or sweeteners is not really good either – not for me anyway. I rediscovered the value of turning off all distractions at meal time and thinking only about the food. I immediately noticed I’m more satisfied and eat less.

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  2. Thank you so much for the advice and for the follow at our blog Gastradamus. We would love your thoughts on our new short story called Eaten an Eskimo. The story is gaining momentum and is in the process of being edited, so we need people like you to help. We take care of our followers. If you help us. We will do the same for yoyu

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  3. Every word you have said here is absolute truth but adhereing to doing “What Is Good For You” is a titanic struggle that does not get any easier as we age. I am 78 years old and I struggle to keep my weight down to 233 pounds when I know it should be 220 or less. I did manage to lost 10 pounds though (I was 244 # at one point and it scared me.) — It is a titanic struggle, a constant struggle. I wish there was some way to wire my brain to avoid consuming so much stuff but I am a victim of the desire for instant gratification like most Americans — and I have been fortunate enough to have reached this ripe old age and still be able to much the same things as I did when I was a lot younger. But your words are so true — so very true!


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