It is more than 150 years down the line since the Union Army General Gordon Granger read an emotive message full of hope, asserting that, ‘all the persons who were held as slaves in the state of Texas had now been set free.’ A message he termed as the delivery of federal orders given by President Abraham Lincoln. These orders explained that, individuals held as slaves at the time of the delivery of the speech would become the laborers of their masters and be subject to wages. Hence, identifying it as the ‘Freedom Day’ to commemorate the cessation of slavery in the United States.

The state of Texas is among the few that remained adamant on not setting the slaves free. Rereading the proclamation in Texas by Gordon, thus, it was considered as a landmark, owing that the proclamation has been effected in other states more than two years earlier. 

In memory of the 19th June 1865, we have a responsibility to uphold dignity for all persons that live amongst us. Every human deserves love and love is naturally availed to us by the almighty God. We, therefore, need to utilize love to make the world favorable for everyone to live in. Besides, humans are social beings and form a considerable part of the earth’s composition. Therefore, it is vital to recognize that we are interdependent in that we depend on other persons’ achievements or belongings to satisfy our needs. Thus, it is paramount to foster unity through love, hence repelling hate, which is the impediment for unity.  In addition, as we face the menace of lifestyle diseases in the modern world, we need to remain fit.

Fitness does not come on a Silver-plate: instead, we work for it to achieve it. For this reason, I am devoted to giving you the most effective fitness training tips that are good for both you and your health. I am proud to be your choice for fitness matters.

” I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me. When they approach me they see only my surroundings, themselves or figments of their imagination, indeed, everything and anything except me.” 
― Ralph Ellison,

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