Reach Your Fitness Goals In 2020

It’s time for New Year’s resolutions. Some will vow to lose weight and others will prioritize self-care, but the reality is, most people will quit after just a couple weeks. There’s no need to share your new year goals with anyone if you aren’t willing to simply write them down in a journal. Written goals help you have a clear focus and stay on track. When your goals are clearly defined, it’s also easier to eliminate distractions.

In my experience, consistency with training and structure around meals are two of the most important ingredients for achieving body transformation. One of the best ways to make progress in your workouts is to be consistent. Starting and stopping a program keeps you stuck in the same place. Even if you aren’t enthusiastic about your workout or you don’t think you can do all of it, at least do some of it. Whatever it takes to keep you on track.

Nutrition is the biggest key to weight lost. The question I like to ask my clients in regard to nutrition is. What is your relationship with food? Do you eat because you’re depressed and need comfort? Do you measure your exercise in calories? Are you a social eater? Or do you just love Food? Just like me and the rest of the world. Defining and understanding your relationship with food is extremely important. Eating should be done with purpose and used wisely and not taken for granted or abused. Set yourself up for success, not failure. Make sure you create an environment that will best nourish what you are trying to accomplish.

Also, be sure to treat your body right by getting enough sleep and taking time for relaxation and stress-management measures to help your body and mind restore and rejuvenate themselves. The problem is, Americans have a major issue when it comes to sleep: More than 30 percent of us are sleep-deprived, which means we’re not getting the recommended seven to eight hours a night required for adults. This is a lesson I learned this year, by over-training and spreading myself to thin with work. I end up passing out during a training session this year due to lack of sleep, hydration and stress.

So whatever your fitness goal is for 2020, take pride in the new version of yourself that you’re striving to become, and you’ll move through the world with greater ease and your comfort zone will broaden in nearly every aspect of your life. As you gain greater self-confidence and a more defined vision of yourself, you’ll develop a stronger since of ownership in your body, and that will help you feel empowered to make better choices for yourself.

Regardless of what you accomplish, always consider yourself a work in progress, for this humility will allow you to accomplish even more.

I’m wishing everyone a blessed year in 2020!!!

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