Unleash Your Full Potential (1 minute read)

Do what you love to do. Do the work that you enjoy, that attracts you, energizes you, and makes you happy.

There are diamonds lying within every one, and every one of us will be able to uncover them as long as we keep digging just a little further. I realize that my calling is everything to my life, regardless of whether anyone ever believes in me. I Live My Life On Purpose. The people that I admire the most are the people that are courageous enough to believe they can create change. I’ve learned that I’m at my best when I’m adding value in someone else’s life. ” One of the great ironies of life is this: He or she who serves almost always benefits more than he or she who is served.”

I’m thankful that throughout my life I’ve been able to make an impact on people’s lives and I think that’s what we should all strive for.  The world is full of unique people, each with their own path through life, unique talents and abilities, strengths and weaknesses. We can’t afford to sit on our gifts we must act on them. I’m a health ambassador but I’m just a small piece of what the world needs. I want to create a great legacy for myself and you don’t have to be famous or have a million followers to be successful at the that. It starts with making an impact one day at a time. We have to define success for ourselves and not let society determine what that definition is for us.


Coaching is one of the great joys in my life. The only limited resource coaching requires of me is my time but the results are incredibly rewarding as I get a front row seat to see their growth, development and maturation. The reason I love working with the youth and what I admire about them is there optimism and that they believe anything is possible. Children are more confident, more courageous and enjoy life far more intensely than adults. Sometimes it feels that we spend our entire lives trying to return to who we were as children.

I also think the other thing that happens is when you’re busy helping others, you have less time to focus on any negative things happening in your own life and to better appreciate what you have. I’m not sure what your calling is but I’m here to say rise to it, the world needs you!




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29 thoughts on “Unleash Your Full Potential (1 minute read)”

  1. Awesome Don and you are doing a marvelous job and it is so good to see happy smiles on each and every face. Keep on doing what you always like and being of help to someone who needs you is so great and a blessing too. Great post and pictures.

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  2. you are a real inspiration! I am going to get out there and do something. My mantra to a happy life is: “to realize one’s greatest potential and to help people along the way” (love God, love your Neighbor)

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  3. Oh Don, I am so touched by this post. Thanks for visiting my blog – great to connect with you.

    You are welcome to contribute this to Forgiving Fridays. It’s a weekly post that I do to invite readers to share about what inspires them to forgive and post it! What you’re sharing here certainly opens me up to forgive and let go of what no longer serves, and your focus on children is true joy. Anyway, if you’d like to contribute, just include a pingback to my Forgiving Fridays post plus #ForgivingFridays in your tags.

    Here’s the pingback link: https://forgivingconnects.com/2017/06/16/todays-forgiving-fridays-mom-showed-me-the-way/

    Don keep it up – you are awesome from what I’m reading!


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