If you’ve ever been in that kind of rut, the kind where you’re working hard and getting nowhere with your goals, it’s likely due to a nutritional issue. You’re eating too much or not enough. You’re taking in foods that you think are good for you, but they’re actually causing you to retain water and bloat. You’re not paying attention to how you’re eating, when you’re eating, or how much variety you include in your diet. Most of our foods are loaded with nearly unpronounceable lab-generated ingredients, fillers, and other artificial ingredients. You have probably already heard the advice that it’s wisest to shop in the outer aisles of the supermarket, where all the perishables are. The majority of the foods that are on the shelves of the inside aisles are packaged in bags and boxes and probably went through multiple stages of processing before reaching the store. Loaded with preservatives, these foods are designed to have a long shelf life even though some may be cutting yours short! But there are a few foods that are hurting you that aren’t as widely addressed as refined carbs: namely salt and sugar. Salt and sugar are two of the most problematic because they are hidden everywhere in our diet. Added salt and sugar often appear in places you wouldn’t expect, like “health” bars and powders, beef jerky, tomato sauce, cereal, and other items. By itself, salt isn’t a bad thing. We need a certain amount of sodium in our bodies to power the heart and other muscular functions. Sodium is required to keep nerves and muscles functioning optimally and communicating with the brain. But too much sodium can have serious consequences for your health. Foods with excess salt cause water retention beneath the skin, giving you a “puffy” appearance. As sodium levels rise, your body holds on to more water in order to dilute the sodium. It’s estimated that Americans consume 3,550 pounds of sugar over a lifetime. The problem is lack of awareness and lack of discipline. Most of us aren’t aware of just how much sugar we’re putting away every day. But once we do know, we should be shocked into action. Consumed sugar causes fat storage by increasing your body’s release of insulin. That release of insulin causes your body to retain sodium, which causes you to retain more water. It’s an ugly cycle! Sugar increases blood pressure, raises levels of bad cholesterol while decreasing levels of good cholesterol, and may enhance the genetic effects of obesity. Once you make these small changes to your diet you’ll be taking in far more nutritious foods, cutting calories, and giving your body a break from riding the insulin roller coaster. You will notice a difference within days.


Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this blog, feel free to share with someone you know that will be able to use this information. Thanks and have a blessed day. – Don Cormier











  1. Very interesting article. In general, I sat pretty healthy, but my one problem is that I like seasoning my food with salt. Salt a d butter are my two weaknesses. But I’ve been trying to cut back and also be more conscious of my nutrition. Do you know anything about apple cider vinegar? Someone suggested I should try mixing it with water and honey and drinking it every day. It’s supposed to be very good for you…But I don’t know much about that type of thing.

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    1. Thanks, from what I know apple cider vinegar helps with weight loss because apples have pectin and including pectin in your diet can you feel fuller and more satisfied. It also stimulates digestion and reduces the amount of time that fats remain in the digestive system. Hopefully I was able to help you from the little bit of information that I know.

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  2. Hello Don,
    Great information. Like many, I am constantly trying to eat better. I am make huge progress…I hope. I gave up Coke and Pepsi a year and a half ago……..Now I’m working on giving up Peach Ice Tea, Ginger Ale, and Vitamin Water…….Sugar is everywhere. Keep writing! Zulu Delta

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