Change The Way You Eat

I know that we all know how to lose weight. Eat less, move more, it’s not exactly rocket science. Eating less and moving more is a simple formula for transforming the body, if  “you do it”. You can know all the diet tricks and best ways to burn fat in the gym. In fact, you probably already do, but of course, if you’re not putting them to use, the problem will not be solved. Replace the thoughts in your head with the idea, ” Do it”. Talking about your dreams of being a thin fit person is fun,  but actually being a thin fit person is even more fun. Whatever it is you want to achieve, go about it by setting goals and working towards them. Go ahead and put in the work, never set limits, and open your mind to the possibilities, they are endless.

Depending on your fitness need, your goals may be focused more on losing weight or on gaining muscle. Neither of these are as hard you think. You don’t have to track your calories, spend your life in the gym, or take expensive supplements. A key thing that helped me reach my fitness goals was eliminating processed foods. What is processed food? The definition of what constitutes a processed food can vary slightly, but it usually refers to foods that are packaged in boxes, cans or bags. These foods need to be processed extensively to be edible and are not found as is in nature. In addition to going through many complex processing steps, processed foods often contain additives, artificial flavorings and other chemical ingredients. Highly processed and refined foods generally have little to no nutritional value. Therefore, you have to consume considerably more food to satisfy the body’s needs for nutrients it requires. The negative short-term effect is more food will be consumed, which leads quickly to weight gain. The consumption of these processed foods to reconstruct the body day in and day out for decades, will cause the body to start losing strength later in life. Disease of some form will almost certainly be the result. Type 2 diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, and many other cardiovascular disease. Replacing refined, processed foods with natural, whole food is a form of health insurance. In the long term, eating nutrient-rich foods cost less money. The more I learn about processed foods , the more I become concerned about what I consume. I started reading ingredient labels on everything I bought. I was shocked to see how many foods have unnecessary processed ingredients. You can slowly incorporate change into your routine. For example, buy one food item differently. Maybe it’s bread. But that one thing can transform the way you shop and become ingrained in the fabric of your life. I must admit it’s not easy, I still haven’t gave up ice cream or french fries but I’m working on it ( well kind of).

A frequently ask question is “ how do I control fat“?

Avoid added sugars and artificial sweeteners. They can increase cravings and lead to overeating. There are over 60 names for added sugars, so it can sometimes be a challenge to identify them in an ingredient list. Some examples of added sugars are

  • Cane juice
  • Corn syrup
  • Dextrose
  • Evaporated cane juice
  • High-fructose corn syrup
  • Maple syrup
  • Honey
  • Sucrose
  • Rice syrup

” Whatever it is you want to achieve, go about it by setting goals and working toward them. Don’t be afraid of the hard work.; in fact, the best and most memorable part of achieving success is the journey along the way”

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